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let's rock story

A little story about the journey to rocks:

I took my first oil painting class when I was 9 - art was always my elective in school. Tried a lot of mediums through the years but nothing to sell.

July 4th 1980 I met Mark H. Maas ~ a talented craftsman/builder ~ he changed my life ~ we met at a mutual friends house and ended up at his house for a party. I fell asleep and he sent my friends home and said he'd take care of me ~ I never left.
We were each others biggest fans. At the time he was custom remodeling homes in the Russian River Valley. Our talents finally came together when I got into stained glass eventually moving into sandblasting glass, Mark started to work with me and we started doing crafts fairs selling our work. Then in May of 1994 my father, our favorite person, passed away peacefully in his sleep. Early in life he had been bitten by the "gold bug." Our last time with him was camping out and prospecting for gold on a creek outside Mariposa, Ca. Our memory of him gingerly making his way from rock to rock in the middle of a creek in the middle of nowhere will always bring a smile.
pat, carved in stone
As our last good by to him we wanted to carve his head stone and put a gold miner with his pan under a large fir tree with a soaring eagle keeping watch. This was to be the first rock of many to be carved. It was to became a legacy from my father.

A year later 1995 Mark and I did our first show featuring glass and "Rocks". We bought a old RV "Harvey the RV" and traveled up and down Northern California doing shows. As we would pull into a parking lot early mornin' to set up for a show Mark would say "Let's Rock" and we'd get to work.

Over the next few years the rocks took over our lives~rocks were everywhere including the living room. They became our passion! Mark made beautiful rock bowls, fountains, vases, bookends and I carved lizards, flowers, birds, dragons - leaving no stone unturned in search of that perfect shape for........ whatever our imaginations could see in the stone.
Then in May of 2000 Mark was diagnosed with advanced cancer. He passed away August 8, 2000. His favorite place to be was sitting in his chair in the evening watching the sunset over the Russian River Valley.

For his stone there was only one choice... a perfect "tilt up" a beautiful white river washed granite ~ it had sat in our living room for several years deciding what to put on it... we never could agree... it now sits on the hill above the house with his ashes scattered around it ~ where the sun shines on it every afternoon till sunset.
mark, letsrock carvedstone
So now we are an all-woman business ~ my nieces and I are carrying on ~ now the legacy is from my two favorite men.

Michael Ann Sackett
co-founder of "Let's Rock"
"Life's Magic"

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