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Dear Friends,

This page is to tell you a little bit more about rocks, our process, and us. My niece, Sunny Reynolds, and I work closely together. (That's us in photo below.) We do all of everything from the rock "shopping" sometimes at rock yards sometimes from the Russian River all the way through to shipping.

We both have a variety of jobs and the shop and office are in two locations.. so the best way to reach us is by email.
Michael and Sunny
Michael & Sunny
About custom orders. First thing rocks are all different so each job in a way is a custom order. So if you want to order a custom rock two things I need to know:   1) what do you want on your rock 2) what do you want to spend on this custom item.. The first question gives me a idea of the smallest size rock we can use based on what you want on it. The second gives me a place to start from.

We try to match up the shape of the rock to fit the shape of what you are putting on it . - what is the copy and is there anything like a border or flowers or turtles or lizards that go on it too. Then we pick out a rock that we think works with the layout and take a photo of it with and without the artwork taped to it and email it to you so you know what you are getting. And we can make changes in artwork and in the stone... 'til it's carved into stone. Everything affects the price for example: a flat rock with a 8" face vs. a thick rock with a 8" face - the thicker rock weights more so cost me more - and more to ship - then some textures are harder to work with. So if things vary - from one job to the next... keep in mind that each one is a one of a kind.
And I have to say something about the Lizards... throughout the gallery pages... they are my favorite to do. Somehow lizards just belong on rocks. After doing my Dad's stone... carving into stone was fascinating and wondered if I could carve a 3 dimensional design and started with a 3" rock - it was a kinda rough rock but... showed the possibilities and Mark had a great 7" diameter granite ball - and he said see what you can do. This became #1 Lizard (shown to the right) and a small version of him became our rock logo - he is on the back or side of most of the rocks we have done.

Enough rambling.... What would you like to see on a rock?
Send me a note and we will see what we can create.

Wishing you well,
lets rock lizard rock
Let's Rock # 1 Lizard Rock

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